Expedition cruising is an extremely hot segment of travel right now. Experienced travelers are flocking to the Arctic, the Antarctic, Greenland, Norway and Galapagos.  People are more ready for adventure than ever before, and now you can experience these incredible destinations in comfort, style and even in opulent luxury. 

There are dozens of amazing offers and itineraries throughout the year to please all kinds of travelers and we can help you navigate the options and choose the cruise that will please you the most.

You do not have to be a hiker or adventurer to enjoy that arctic and Antarctic experience.  Your entire experience can be from aboard ship. Many of the ships going to these regions hold less than 200 passengers and are allowed to sail into special and protected areas where you can view incredible scenery and wildlife from your cabin or the viewing deck.  If you want to get more involved with the terrain you can go out in the zodiac with the groups and even go ashore.  Some ships also have small submarines aboard for underwater adventures.

Our favorite cruise lines offering expedition cruises include Silversea, Celebrity, Quark Expeditions, Swan Hellenic.

Call us and we will help you book your bucket-list Expedition Adventure!