Destination Weddings

There is nothing quite like a wedding in a beautiful and exotic setting.  There is a lot to plan for that alone and while you and the wedding planners have a lot on your plates to pull it off, you don't need the added and major hassle of planning travel and accommodation details for your large group.  When a large number of people are flying in to the destination from many different places, on different dates and with different needs, in our experience this is best left to professional travel planners like our advisors at Vitas Travel.

Firstly, we know how to work with hotels to secure the best rates, accommodations and amenities for your group. We help them with all the details they need to get their jobs done well.  On top of that, we work with each guest coming in to arrange their hotel stays plus their air and transfers if requested. And, perhaps most importantly, you will have the necessary and vital benefit of having your personal travel advisor to deal with any last minute issues that often arise, such as weather events, airline hiccups, peoples' health related changes and so much more.  Let us take care of everything so you don't have to!