Ocean Cruises

Your cruise experts at Vitas Travel will help you navigate the vast and exploding world of ocean cruising.  There are a multitude of cruise lines that cater to every taste, budget and style and travel to virtually all parts of the world.  We work with all cruise lines and have special relationships with many of them which afford us the ability to offer special pricing and a long list of amazing amenities to our clients.

We can offer cruises from 3 nights to some over six months in length. Different travel styles can easily be accommodated by carefully choosing the right cruise line and itinerary.  Some travelers like an al la carte type of experience where they can choose from features and amenities while on board while other travelers want an A to Z all-inclusive experience. 

Destinations include the Caribbean and Bermuda, Europe, Asia, Alaska, South America, South Pacific, Australia, Galapagos, the Arctic and Antarctic, Egypt, Africa, the Middle East and more.

Some cruise lines offer ships holding 400-800 passengers while others sail with over 2000 passengers, and some even hold over 5000 passengers. Some lines line Virgin Voyages are adult-only while many others are created for full family experiences.

It all depends on what you want and experienced travelers know to rely their personal travel advisor to help choose the right ships, the right cruises and secure the perfect cabins and amenities for their group's needs.

We also secure pre and post cruise hotel stays, air and transfers in the style and manner that meets your needs. 

Many of our clients enjoy full land + cruise experiences and we take care of everything! For a land + cruise experience, we can design a multi-city tour and pair it with a 7-14 night cruise and handle all itineraries and logistics to ensure a seamless and amazing experience for your group.